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Self-care is a priority

Self-care is a combination of actions and tools you can practice to stay in touch with your own needs and take care of yourself. These habits bring the opportunity to experience self-love, which is essential for your own well-being, but also for your children. We need to take care of ourselves to keep us emotionally and physically charged so we can do our best.


I will give you an example: oxygen mask. Adults first, it is simple.  If you do not give yourself oxygen first, definitely you will not help your child to get the oxygen they need. I know it is not easy, but putting yourself first is necessary.


What do you really want? What do you need? When asked these questions, you may consider that you have limited options. Now take a moment for yourself because it is imperative to explore what your needs are.

The breath you need to take

A chance to relax and take care of you

It feels impossible to stop, doesn't it? Moving from one task to another, blocked by endless days and to-do lists. Everyone needs a chance to relax. Your self-care is a priority; it is not selfish, it is necessary.


Our mind and body are always active and we focus on life demands. Your life is crazy busy, I get it. Generally, we forget the importance of pauses, and we lose our sense of place and identity. If you take time to reconnect with yourself, you will engage in your life with passion.


Yes, I understand. Maybe even thinking about finding time to relax is stressful for you. Try to find a balance between work and relaxation. You need to return to equilibrium and incorporate time for you into your life.


I invite you to answer a few questions:

What do you need?

Do you feel disconnected?

How can you create a balance for yourself?


Sometimes the most productive thing to do is take the time and space you need to follow your instincts. You know what you really need.

Life is all about balance.


It's time to give yourself permission to take care of yourself.

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