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'Love, connection and commitment'

Sometimes you can feel stuck and unsure, and at other times the process flows freely. The simple truth is: you can guide yourself in your parenting in a way that is best for you. 

This blog will help you to create a strong relationship with your child, develop emotional awareness, be truly there for your child and bring non-judgmental acceptance to your parenting. You can have positive guidance motivated primarily by love, moving towards your child's independence and finding a balance between limits and freedom. 

I invite you to follow your intuition. Unfortunately, we have lost connection with our intuition. Take your time. The more you trust on your own wisdom, the more you hear it. Let go of how things are supposed to be and believe in yourself. Find and appreciate the knowledge you have inside. 

Every child is unique and irreplaceable. Being a parent and caring for your child is a wonderful experience. Yes, I get it. There may be days when you feel like everything is uncertain and you blame yourself, or you question what you should do. Sometimes it might be hard, but as we know, it is the most rewarding thing in life. 

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